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Cute pet animal light

Product Name: Meng pet projection lamp
Product model: TW-L28
Product style: Little pink pig, Little Wang dog
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Product Name: Meng pet projection lamp 

Product model: TW-L28 

Product style: Little pink pig, Little Wang dog

Product material: ABS + silicone + PS + PC + PET

Packaging material: Kraft paper + coated paper

Rated voltage: DC5V 2A 

Motor power: 0.5w

 Lamp bead power: 4W (3 × 0.13W / LED module) 

Battery capacity: 1200mAh

For the first use, it is recommended to charge for 3-6 hours.  

When not in use for a long time, it should be fully charged and turned off for storage, and replenished every 3 months.  

When the battery power is low, it will affect the use of lighting functions, please charge it in time.  

Keep away from strong magnetic fields and electric fields.


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